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2011-05-02 01:23 pm

fic: a step from what is obvious - Chris/Cory, Chris & Darren

Title: a step from what is obvious
Pairings: Chris/Cory (Monfer ♥), Chris & Darren
Rating: well, there's sex. hopefully hot sex.
Words: 9,370
Notes: this is primarily a Chris/Cory story, in that they are the couple and (spoiler alert) they have the sex. But more than that it's a story about friendships and relationships, and the complicated business of loving Chris Colfer.
Appreciation: [livejournal.com profile] canadiankracka and Mel for being the best VICs ever, and [livejournal.com profile] shia_labeouf for shipping it so hard and helping me figure out what it was all about ♥

The fourteenth take, it turns out, is just as insufferable as the first. )
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2011-02-16 02:18 pm

fic: In this Bubble - Criss/Colfer

Except for a few one-sentence prompt meme fills I have not actually written them before. Apparently my headcanon is determined that Darren and Chris have a future in indie filmmaking together.

*Darren Criss/Chris Colfer
*Future fic
*2,540 words
*Their drunk jokes that make no sense are from this Kids in the Hall sketch

In this Bubble )