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2011-05-28 12:55 pm
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Chris's Birthday Monfer Ficlet

Just some schmoop and gratuitous liquor talk. Going to add some other little parts to it about the night of his birthday and obligatory drunk Darren birthday kiss (because Darren being ~that guy~ is so very canon) and maybe the morning after. But not today. So here's this. IDK IDK.

Midnight, Not at the Oasis )
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2011-05-02 01:23 pm

fic: a step from what is obvious - Chris/Cory, Chris & Darren

Title: a step from what is obvious
Pairings: Chris/Cory (Monfer ♥), Chris & Darren
Rating: well, there's sex. hopefully hot sex.
Words: 9,370
Notes: this is primarily a Chris/Cory story, in that they are the couple and (spoiler alert) they have the sex. But more than that it's a story about friendships and relationships, and the complicated business of loving Chris Colfer.
Appreciation: [livejournal.com profile] canadiankracka and Mel for being the best VICs ever, and [livejournal.com profile] shia_labeouf for shipping it so hard and helping me figure out what it was all about ♥

The fourteenth take, it turns out, is just as insufferable as the first. )
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2011-02-16 02:18 pm

fic: In this Bubble - Criss/Colfer

Except for a few one-sentence prompt meme fills I have not actually written them before. Apparently my headcanon is determined that Darren and Chris have a future in indie filmmaking together.

*Darren Criss/Chris Colfer
*Future fic
*2,540 words
*Their drunk jokes that make no sense are from this Kids in the Hall sketch

In this Bubble )
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2011-01-23 01:51 pm

Fic: Taking Care - RPF Cory/Chris, PG

My dear [livejournal.com profile] shia_labeouf is to blame/thank for getting this ship in my head. These pictures of Naya Rivera's hot mess birthday shenanigans in Vegas provided the rest. For those that don't know, Cory is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict of some persuasion.

Cory Monteith/Chris Colfer RPF
established relationship/ridiculous saccharine schmoop/issue!fic
PG - 765 words

Taking Care )