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Birthdate:Oct 5
awesome chick married to an awesome chick. we live in a house in California. we cook things and watch TV and drink champagne.

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adorable hipster scum, assorted faggotry, bass in the face, bassists who fuck guys, being a cupcake, bendy boys, benedict cumberbatch, bestfriend puppy, blaine/pocketwatch, brendon urie, brittana, california, canada, champagne, chris colfer, continuum theory, cookies and guns, cory monteith, crazy cosmic arithmetic, cults of personality, cupcake cult leaders, danger days, darren criss, daydreaming, dirtylikeawhore martinis, eavesdropping at restaurants, faily boys, fall out boy, fight club, frank being hot again, friends in love, gerard the witch doctor, getting gay married, getting tattoos you deserve, glee, glitterxcore, groffles and quinto, hazel and cha-cha, ian crawford, invisible monsters, jinx removing, killjoys, kurt hummel, kurt/blaine, macarons, mcr saves lives, metal in my face, michael symon, mikey fuckin way, monfer, montreal, nail art, nerdy boys, nerdy girls, new panic!, panic at the disco, paris, pop stars coming out, puppies!, quebec, reinventing love, sarcasm, sexual ambiguity, shanpeople, sherlock, shipping it like fedex, shit my wife says, southland, spencer the gay one, the cobra bless, the majestic canadian moose, too old for this, unipires, vampicorns, vics, , ,
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