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Title: A Sliding Scale
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine/Finn/Rachel
Rating: definitely very NC-17/PWP/GSF
Words: 7,837
Spoilers: yes. One song, 2.14 previews and speculation thereon. Posting now before it's Jossed.
Warnings: mild consensual D/s; alcohol
Author's Notes: this is an MMMF foursome. If Rachel's participation is an issue this probably isn't for you. However, I will say that I don't generally believe in de-gaying canonically gay people or characters, and I have not done that here. So, spoiler alert, Kurt's gay remains basically as pristine as it was in canon. Blaine's is not so clear, but that's the entire premise of the speculative spoilers, oui?

Follows and could be viewed as a sequel to Good Game (Kurt/Blaine/Finn)

The karaoke disc is still in the Wii, the intro beats to Don’t You Want Me spinning over and over again to infinity, waiting for the next singer to hit Start. Microphones are tossed on the floor with someone’s forgotten hoodie and a few dozen half empty multi-colored party cups. The lights are low, disco-swirly, and making Blaine’s head hurt a bit, so he closes his eyes, his feet propped in Rachel’s lap at the other end of the couch.

Blaine's head already hurts from the buzz wearing off and the awkward sex talk he and Rachel have been attempting for the last hour or so, and Kurt must have gotten bored with the discussion because he and Finn aren’t around...hmmm, Blaine kind of wonders about that, thinking back to a certain game day and wondering if Rachel has any idea.

“So, Finn told me that you gave him some kind of...book?”

...Free to Be You and Me?” Rachel looks totally serious and Blaine impolitely spews a bit of his watery rum and Diet Coke back into his cup.

“No, no like, an adult book? Like about...sex, and bi stuff maybe...Kinsey?”

“OH. Oh that...wait a second. Finn told you about that? Finn barely even knows you! I’ve never had a mature discussion with him about sexuality and he told you about that? When? Why?”

“Uhhh...Finn didn’t mention...anything? About...like around Thanksgiving?” Blaine already regrets this course when he sees how Rachel’s face falls.

“Oh...no. That was around the time when we broke up. We haven’t shared a lot of things since then.”

“Do you know where he and Kurt are right now?” Blaine tries not to let his eyebrows betray his concern but he knows he must look alarmed, and Rachel looks ever so slightly suspicious..

“They were having some weird brotherly drunk bonding on the sofa last I checked...why?” Damn it. Blaine smooths out his jeans legs and lets out a long, steady breath.

“Rachel...let’s just go see what they’re up to. Forget I asked. About the book I mean. I’m just drunk, and...you’re really pretty and I’m drunk. Let’s go see where Finn and Kurt are.”

“Wait, Blaine. Wait. Did you...did he and you...but you and Kurt...” Her eyes get wider and wider as the realizations tumble and fall into place in her mind.


“OH. Oh god. No way. No way! I don’t believe it. Finn is so repressed, I have tried and tried to crack him...I don’t believe it. What did you do? What did he do? He and I have never even...I didn’t want to when I knew he wasn’t...being open with me. Or himself. You know?”

Blaine nods slowly like he understands, because of course he does. He stands and holds out his hand to her. “Come on...let’s go see...” Blaine is legitimately anxious as her hand slips in his, fine and soft and not much different in his palm than Kurt’s, and leads her back up her basement stairs through the den, toward the bedrooms.

“I’m...I’m thirsty. Let’s stop and get some, some water...” Rachel sidesteps, maybe trying to buy a few extra minutes before they see...whatever they’re about to see....and her world comes crashing down yet again. They stop in the kitchen, a total disaster of pizza boxes, spilled cups of drink experiments gone wrong and melted Jello shots, empty beer bottles and Reddi-Wip cans. Rachel pours them both huge plastic cups, sparkly pink and emblazoned with flamingos and the word Miami, of soda water with the last splashes of citrus-flavored vodka (“might as well, at this point,” she kind of grumbles as she plops a sad little slice of lime into each cup) then leans against the counter, dejectedly sipping her drink.

“So what did you want to know, Blaine? Do you think you’re bi now or something just because we had a good kiss? Because I can tell you you’re not. Finn very well might be...if what you’re telling me is true. He might. But you...I know you love Kurt, and you really like guys. I’m just a very magnetic person, and I’m a fantastic kisser if I may say so. So are you, by the way.” She nudges him with her shoulder and Blaine blushes as he fumbles a little, his bubbly drink sloshing in his grasp.

“It was just...it was so unexpected. I just figured out I was gay, or thought I was gay, so early on that I never even wondered. And I’ve been at an all boys school since I was 14, I mean of course that’s all I’ve known. That’s all I’ve had around to...try things with. It just surprised me that it was so...nice. With you. Maybe we’re both just really good kissers.” Blaine shakes his head softly like that will help. He does feel a little more clearheaded, finally, and he likes talking about this with Rachel.

“Blaine? A good kisser is a good kisser...and that’s basically the entire point of the book. There, now you don’t have to read it.” She smiles, and yeah, that’s nice.

“I’ll probably read it anyway.” Blaine says in his little know-it-all way.

“I know. I like that about you. Ok...I think I’m ready to go upstairs.”

Blaine takes a big pull off the drink she made him and pushes himself off the counter, dropping his arm around her shoulders as they stumble down the hall together. “Let’s do it. I mean...not...yeah. Lead the way.”


The scene they open Rachel’s door onto is actually surprisingly sweet, and totally innocent as far as they can tell. Finn is out cold, his long body arched protectively around Kurt’s, feet dangling off the end of Rachel’s pink bed, and the door creaking open doesn’t seem to rouse him at all. Kurt does notice, and turns over under Finn’s grasp, reaching out to Blaine with open arms, a little confused but obviously happy to see him.

“What have you been doing all this time?” Blaine whispers as he and Rachel step closer to the sides of her bed. Kurt rubs his eyes and tries again to twist himself free, looking from Blaine to Finn and back again. “Spooning. Talking. About how the people we’re in love with were making out with each other and seemed to enjoy it. Oops,” he adds at the end, smiling a little awkwardly at Rachel. She quirks her mouth in question but she knows it’s not Kurt’s answer to give.

Blaine squeezes Rachel’s hand one more time for encouragement and lets go so he can slither-crawl onto the bed alongside Kurt where he’s still curled up with his head in Finn’s crooked arm. Finn stirs as Kurt’s body heat leaves him, still holding him and trying to pull him back with one hand as Blaine rolls Kurt over and slides himself on top of him. Finn feels the weight and the movement and wakes fully, pushing himself up on his elbows.

“What’s...oh shit. We’re still at Rachel’s house, aren’t we?”

“You’re not going anywhere tonight,” Rachel moves to the side of the bed and holds out the cup to Finn. He raises up all the way and meets her eyes, shining and dark. He takes the cup and sips from it, grateful for something cold and icy in his dry throat, even though it’s probably more alcohol that he doesn’t need. She reaches down and touches the side of his face, watching as he swallows, as Kurt is stirring and shuffling behind him, taking shirts off and turning over into Blaine’s arms and letting Blaine hold his wrists down and kiss him more awake. “You’re in my bed, Finn. But I don’t think all four of us are going to fit on there so maybe we should move this down the hall? I mean, unless you want me to go.”

“All four of us, what? What are you...wait, do you...know?”

“I know what Blaine told me. But I don’t believe it. So show me.” Rachel moves closer, kneeling onto her bed beside her (ex? friend? Finn? it’s complicated) and looking between the three of them expectantly. Blaine looks up from where he’s kissing Kurt and it’s very still for a moment, Rachel looking at Finn and Finn looking at Kurt, Kurt taking it all in and being vaguely concerned that if what he thinks might be about to happen is really about to happen, he won’t be a Gold Star Gay anymore...if he still was. Oh crap, forgot about Brittany...oh well, he shrugs this all off in one long thought and goes back to unbuckling Blaine’s belt.

Finn swallows and focuses his eyes on Blaine because he’s the closest to him right now, and Blaine subliminally sends out courage with his mind and in the very next instant Finn is grabbing Blaine by the neck and kissing him, his tongue hot and tasting faintly of alcohol, just like last time. Blaine smiles and lets Finn into his mouth and Rachel’s eyes go wide as she gasps, touching the star and diamond at her neck out of habit and nerves, “Oh my...” Kurt props his head up on his hand, sighing, “Oh boy...” as Blaine deepens the kiss, tilting Finn’s head down so he can give him better access and let Rachel really see.

Blaine pulls Finn’s shirt over his head and Finn smiles, shy and lazy, ducks his head and looks up for Rachel. Blaine is leaning against his chest and kissing across Finn’s nipples, smiling as he reacts and they’re all just so pretty like this. Rachel needs to touch, kind of wants to touch Blaine too but really needs to touch Finn, so she does, fitting up alongside him and tangling her fingers lightly with Blaine’s across Finn’s stomach as she lifts her mouth up to him and he kisses her again, finally. And there’s no way there aren’t fireworks this time, she thinks with some satisfaction as her hand trails down to his jeans, dragging Blaine’s fingers right along.

They get his jeans open together and, ok, Rachel has felt it up against her when they were making out before and it felt big, sure, but Finn’s a big guy so of course it would be. Seeing it there completely exposed is a whole other matter. She touches it carefully, Finn blushing a little at how delicate she is as Blaine finishes yanking both of their pants and underwear off, crawling sort of catlike up Finn’s body and waiting for Kurt to touch him. Kurt meets Finn’s eyes over the line of Blaine’s back as he lowers himself and lifts his ass toward Kurt, getting a grin and a little smack to his hip as Kurt mmmmmms approvingly and quirks his mouth at Finn.

“Suck him, Blaine. Suck him good.” That’s all it takes, and Blaine wraps his hand around Rachel’s and sinks his mouth down over Finn, inch by inch so he can look up through his eyelashes and watch Finn’s expression change. He looks over once at Rachel, just to see. She’s watching Finn too, and biting her lip, totally fascinated and her eyes twinkling. Blaine smiles to himself and sinks a little deeper as he finally feels Kurt’s hands on him.

“Oh wow....you guys do that?” Rachel gasps again and Kurt looks up at her, cool and deadpan as always, leaning in to lick a long wet line up the divide of Blaine’s ass.

“We do everything,” he says, eyes down and tongue thick with hot skin. Kurt’s thumbs dig into Blaine’s ass, pulling him open so he can get at him better, flicking wet little licks against him and making Blaine growl, deep and rumbling, around Finn’s cock.

Rachel runs one hand absentmindedly over the curve of Blaine’s ass and drags her nails down his thigh, watching Kurt as he licks into him so happily and confidently. He arches one eyebrow at her and stops, pushing the tip of one thumb up against Blaine’s opening and tilting his head at her as if offering. She shakes her head quickly, but still traces her fingers lightly over him, watching and feeling dazed by how they all seem so sure of this stuff. Finn grabs her hand and pulls her down to him as Kurt asks, quietly, “You’re not gonna freak out on us, are you Berry?”

She looks down at Finn, at the ridiculous naked length of his body and she’s only dreamed of seeing him like this, spread out and vulnerable and letting himself be so shamelessly pleasured. It’s a little overwhelming but it’s so, so hot, and she never imagined herself doing anything like this, at least not until college. Her hair falls around her face as she leans over and kisses Finn, sharp and heady but quick, then takes the hand he’s holding her hip by and pushes it between her thighs instead, rocking down against his fingers until he gets enough clarity of mind to make them work, twisting and pushing inside her lacy underwear until she sighs and shudders.

She throws her hair back against Blaine’s chest and he pulls off of Finn’s cock a moment, holds it in his hand, saliva and Finn’s pre-come making it easily slick enough to jerk him this way while wrapping an arm around Rachel’s shoulders and kissing her again. She whimpers into his lips as Finn watches and fucks her with his long, thick fingers, Blaine whispering dirty into her hair and making her blush even more. Finn knows what that’s like.

Kurt sees them kissing and dives that much harder into Blaine’s ass, easing a long, strong finger into him alongside the wetness laid down by his tongue. Blaine gasps and drags his mouth away from Rachel, tries to find his voice but his throat is shot and gravelly already. He motions to Finn’s cock and puts his hand on Rachel’s neck, massaging her and encouraging her as she fucks herself down on Finn’s hand, her eyes rolling wildly.

“Do you...” Blaine manages to rasp out, gesturing with heavy, still-drunk eyes down to Finn’s dick, wet and just as huge as Blaine remembered it, glistening against his belly as Blaine’s hand squeezes just at the tip, making Finn try to buck up but he can hardly squirm with Blaine holding his hips down and the weight of Rachel fucking against his arm.

“I kind of wanted to try...I don’t really know...” Rachel trails off and her lashes flutter shut as Finn twists his fingers hard inside of her, muscle memory kicking in and he realizes he is the only one that knows what this girl likes, what she feels like inside. Blaine scoots to one side of Finn and Kurt follows with his mouth, still greedily working Blaine open and taking his sweet time relishing Blaine’s ass. Blaine knows if Kurt does get inside of him tonight he’s going to be in for it, and he kind of can’t wait for that, Finn and Rachel watching be damned.

They work out their limbs around Finn, who takes up way more of the bed than is fair, and Blaine settles his face down around his groin, beckoning Rachel to join him. “Come here, I’ll show you...he loves it. He’s big but it’s so worth it, Rach...” Blaine grins at her and opens his mouth wide, lets the spit and slickness already there do their work as he slides his lips down Finn’s length. He squeezes and licks his way down and Finn lets out a hard shaky breath, his head thrown back hard against the pillows.

Rachel watches Blaine a moment then swallows hard, leaning forward to kiss Finn and lifting her hips off him as she does. “I, I have to move,” she mumbles in explanation against his mouth, his tongue slipping along her lips and he nods.

“Yeah, ok...hey, Rachel?” He can’t finish his thought and she smiles, pulling away from him and making her way down his long, broad chest to meet Blaine’s lips at the tip of his cock.

Blaine smiles at her from around Finn and lets him go, laving him with lingering licks around the width as Rachel follows his cue and does the same. Finn lets out a soft whoa as he opens his eyes and barely focuses, the two of them working at him together so absurdly hot. His hand is still trailing streaks of wetness from Rachel along her ass, her short skirt pushed all the way up so much she might as well take it off now.

He hesitates just a second before touching those three fingers gently to the side of Blaine’s mouth, just to see what he does. Blaine turns, curious and definitely willing to be both experimental and obedient in this situation, and flicks his tongue out to taste Finn’s fingertips. It’s absolutely not a bad flavor, just different and unexpected, but it’s the look Finn is giving him that makes him want to lick them clean, and god, when did I get so subby, he thinks to himself as he closes his lips around Finn’s fingers.

He sucks greedily, taking them all the way in and whimpering as Finn fucks his mouth with those fingers while Kurt fucks his ass with two or three of his own now, and suddenly Blaine is much further gone in this than he thought. A rush of need overwhelms him so hard he can barely even get words out, just a high, pathetic whine as he thrusts back into Kurt’s hands and Kurt smirks, giving him a nice hard smack on his ass for good measure.

“About time you paid attention here,” Kurt grins, flipping Blaine over and pulling his legs apart so he can fit between his thighs. Blaine is completely flattened by his urge to submit to Kurt, and lays as still and calm as he can because Kurt is still fingering him, getting him ready and god he hopes he actually follows through with all this promise because Blaine needs it bad.

He lays where Kurt puts him, his cheek in the pillow and his mouth pressed into Finn’s side. He can just barely flick his tongue out along Finn’s ribs and abs, and keeps looking up through his heavy lashes to meet Rachel’s eyes, encouraging her as she sucks down around as much of Finn as she can take. Blaine manages to lift one hand up toward them, touching Rachel’s mouth where it stretches around his dick, because he loves that feeling, the tautness of the lip and the fullness in the cheeks, whether it’s Rachel or Kurt doing the sucking.

Finn lets out a gasp as she flicks her tongue around and under his head, and she smiles at Blaine’s expression of pleasure, the way Blaine nods and softly murmurs to her, “There you go...so good, Rachel. I can tell,” and Finn just has to groan again because Blaine and his fucking mouth and Rachel takes him even deeper for just a few tight moments in her throat and it’s incredible. He laces his hand gently through her hair and holds her head, not grabbing and yanking like he did with Blaine or Kurt but just holding and guiding her and gasping a little every time he feels the back of her mouth and tongue tight around the head of his cock.

Kurt interrupts just as she’s getting a good rhythm going and Finn grimaces and scowls at the loss of her mouth on him, because it felt really awesome, damn it Kurt. “Rachel, do you have...” She sits back on her heels, wiping her mouth primly and nodding as she keeps Finn’s cock in her hand, Blaine reaching out weakly to help her and twine his fingers with hers around him.

“Stuff?” She finishes, a bit of hoarseness in her voice surprising her and making her touch her throat. Kurt nods and reaches his one free hand to touch her, the first time he really has in this, patting her knee sweetly and reassuring her.

“It’s temporary. Won’t hurt your voice, I promise. Trust me, I have thoroughly vetted this with scientific rigor...” Kurt grins at her and Blaine laughs out a “yep” in agreement, and she feels better.

“Ok...and yes, stuff. Um...hold on! Blaine can you...” She removes her hand carefully and leaves Blaine jerking Finn hard and messy and touching him under his balls, teasing his finger somewhere she’s not sure she has the nerve to, but the way it’s making Finn flush and squirm she just might try it tonight.

She’s only gone a minute, rustling around in her closet, and comes back with a bright purple velvet gift bag trimmed with feathers, dumping the contents onto the bed unceremoniously next to Kurt. “From this raunchy bachelorette party my cousin let me come to because I was a bridesmaid...I thought it was very age-inappropriate for me, but...well, take your pick.” Kurt’s eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of the trick-or-treat stash of filth Rachel Berry has just bestowed upon him.

He sorts through the dozens of flavors and colors of condoms and lube and holds up the most shocking thing he can find from the lot, his jaw dropping as he shows it off to Rachel and she giggles knowingly. Finn cracks one eye open and just says, “Oh, god.” The hard purple toy is basically shaped like a series of graduated anal beads, but fixed into the form of an 8 inch dildo, flared at the base for safety. Kurt runs his hand along the spherical edges of the toy and sets it back down on the bed, patting Blaine’s ass affectionately and chuckling, “Sorry Blaine, you are definitely in for it tonight...” Blaine wriggles into the mattress and groans out what sounds like yessss come on god damn it but it’s hard to tell because Finn has grabbed his face back up to his own and is pushing his tongue into Blaine’s mouth for him to suck.

Rachel’s still kind of flitting near the bed like she feels like there’s something she should be doing but she’s not sure what, and Kurt snaps her back, beckons her down with them. She sits by him, leans in and he lays his palm against her cheek and pulls her in to kiss her, gentle and sweet and totally different from how everyone else has been kissing the rest of the night.

“This is kind of crazy, Kurt,” she whispers against his cheek and he smiles at her, rubs his thumb across her lips softly. “I know...I thought I’d be in college before I had a night like this,” he laughs and Rachel gasps and clutches her chest, “Oh my god I had the exact same thought!”

“Hey,” Kurt is caring now and looks at her seriously. “If you don’t want to do anything, I mean...you can stop this all any time. It’s your house and it’s sure as hell your decision about sex...you’re not drunk, are you?” Rachel looks up as there are soft grunts from the top of the bed where Blaine has regained some use of his determination and pushed himself up enough to let Finn lean forward and get him in his mouth, Blaine’s hips jutting up in shallow little thrusts, his usual stream of completely filthy utterances encouraging Finn to take more than just the tip. Rachel can’t take her eyes off them but shakes her head softly in Kurt’s direction. “Wow...uh. No. No not drunk. You?”

Kurt inhales as he tries to remember the question, much less formulate an answer to it, but Finn is fucking moaning around Blaine’s dick and Blaine is being quite verbal about what he’d like to do and have done to him immediately by all parties in the room and Kurt’s skin is literally itching he needs to get in there so bad.

“I was definitely buzzed earlier, but fine now. Besides, we have a blanket consent type...situation....Anyway. Want to help me fuck my boyfriend on your bed?” Kurt kisses her again, closed-lipped and giggly, turning back toward Blaine and Finn. He starts to pull Rachel down too but stops, looks her up and down and asks with a twitchy smirk, “Are you still all dressed...because of me? Oh, honey, take your clothes off and get over here before Blaine turns him all the way gay.”

There’s a comically wet smacking sound from the other pair as Finn releases Blaine’s dick from his lips and blurts out, “Yeah Rachel take your clothes off!” It’s a good tension breaker and they all laugh, Kurt climbing back up along Blaine with pure evil in his eyes and a packet of lube in his hand. He lays the lube aside for a moment, pressing Blaine back into acquiescence with a palm flat to the small of his back, smoothing down over his ass cheeks again and going back to loosening him up with the wet slide of his tongue before he has to use the lube on him. Blaine struggles and bucks his hips against Kurt’s mouth at first, and then suddenly goes still, quiet and open and letting Kurt lick and finger him until he’s relaxed, compliant.

Finn sits up to make some more space on the crowded bed and give Rachel room to straddle him as she drops her skirt and shirt to the floor, both of them watching with interest as Kurt keeps up what he’s doing to Blaine that’s reducing his filthy babble to quiet, subdued begging. Finn grabs hold of Rachel’s hips as she lowers herself on his lap and just grinds against him lightly, still wearing her strawberry pink bra and underwear and he wishes he could be inside her more than anything right now. He has a feeling that’s not what’s going to happen, but he wants...he wraps his arms behind her back and pulls her down to kiss him, sliding her bra straps down and she helps him with the rest, releasing her breasts and laying them down against his chest. His cock is trapped between their stomachs and he could absolutely come just from this, the sight and simple friction of her if she keeps shifting back and forth like that.

“You look amazing like this, Rachel...you are amazing...I wish I’d listened to you sooner...but I’m glad...I mean this is...cool...god keep doing that, please.” Finn is totally the one babbling now, whispering against her lips in half-sentences between kisses and she kind of gets it but also knows he really needs to come by now, wrapping her hand around him and pulling along the whole length of him, Kurt suddenly looking up at them as Finn and Blaine let out a low, desperate moan at exactly the same time.

“Hey,” she whispers and squeezes and he chokes on a breath of air and rocks up into her hand. “It is cool...if you. With Blaine too, or, whoever. You know I’m not closed-minded. And I do want you to be my first. Just...not tonight. Ok? But everything else.” She kisses him and trails her mouth down his chest, rocking back and settling into him, watching and reaching out to touch Blaine as she jerks Finn off. Kurt takes her hand and places it on Blaine’s ass, letting her feel because he knows she’s curious. She looks at Finn and he’s watching her and grinning, kind of filthy and encouraging and a lot of things start to happen all at once.

Kurt picks up the toy and finally opens the little packet of lube, squeezing some down the length of the purple silicone, swirling his own fingers into it, and some onto Rachel’s slender hand. “Rachel, why don’t you do the honors,” Kurt holds it out to her like a prize at a carnival and her jaw drops in spite of her bravado, because wow, but yes she absolutely wants to do that, and from the way Blaine has gone silent and still in his shudders and gasps he really wants it too.

Kurt keeps one hand on Blaine at all times but rearranges himself until he’s in better reach of Finn, knowing he must be desperate to come by now, still rubbing Blaine’s back gently while leaning down in Rachel’s place and taking Finn hungrily down his throat. Rachel is behind Blaine, gently, tentatively exploring his ass, though it looks like Kurt has done a pretty good job and the first ball of the toy slips in quite readily with the lube from her fingertips and a tiny bit of pressure.

Blaine has basically been in some sort of trance, a holding pattern of anticipation and waiting for Kurt to bring him to this point. With the toy beginning to slide into him and finally give him some of what he needs, he can push up on his elbows and tell Rachel how he likes it, tell her that it’s ok to do it deeper, that she’s not going to hurt him. His dirty talk is back and it’s the hottest thing Rachel has ever heard, him telling her how to fuck him hard and she’s pushing in at least the third ball now and he still wants more.

Rachel glances away from Blaine to check on Finn and he’s clearly almost as far gone, his eyes unfocused and his hand on Kurt’s head as Kurt moves up and down fucking him with his mouth way faster and deeper than Rachel could and she’s a little envious of Kurt’s skill, quite frankly.

Rachel keeps pushing the toy in and out of Blaine, up almost to the fourth thick ball and he’s begging her for it when Kurt suddenly pulls off of Finn, taking him in his hand just as quick and reaching over to pinch Blaine hard to get his attention. Blaine’s back bows and his hips snap up, his head dropping down in submission and Kurt is like a totally different person and he’s really, really hot like this, Rachel thinks. “I’m gonna make him come, Blaine, in like 5 seconds. Do you want it off his stomach or in your mouth?”

“Stomach, stomach, oh god Kurt, thank you,” Blaine can barely get the words out and he’s flattening himself down again, his ass still in the air for Rachel and his cheek against Finn’s abs like he can’t wait for it. Rachel’s mouth hangs open and Finn looks up at her desperately as Kurt gets back to his cock, hopefully for the last time, working his spit-wet hand up and down Finn’s length and reaching down to that spot behind his balls again, to push, press, shove him right over the edge and Blaine and Rachel both gasp at the change in Finn’s face because holy hell Kurt got a finger in.

Finn almost screams, grabbing for Rachel and pulling her down to kiss her at the very last second as he finally, finally orgasms with a jolt like a live wire up and down his spine, erupting all over his stomach, Blaine’s face, Rachel’s chest, Kurt smiling wickedly and rubbing Finn’s ass gently the whole time, careful not to overstimulate him.

It’s quiet for a moment as Kurt talks Finn down, whispering and kissing distractions into his ear so he can pull his finger out. It wasn’t much and Finn doesn’t seem to mind, just shifts his legs around to make room for Blaine to move over and Rachel to crawl down into Finn’s arms. The toy is still firmly inside Blaine as he tries to scoot his body up and forward enough to start licking up Finn’s mess but Kurt stops him with a hand pressed just above his heart, shaking his head, “Ah...uh-uh, Rachel first.”

Blaine smiles at her shyly and lifts his head, twisting carefully because of the toy and bringing his lips first softly to her neck, the little dip above her sternum, and then to her breasts, lovingly licking the trickles of come from them before teasing the tip of his tongue around her pretty brown nipples, just for fun. Rachel’s laughing and kissing him in thanks when Kurt insinuates his hand between them, getting Blaine to clean off the bit that ran down his fingers before turning Blaine loose on Finn’s chest and stomach and his own attention back on Blaine’s ass.

Rachel watches from Finn’s shoulder as Blaine snakes his way across Finn’s abs, licking him thoroughly clean and seeming to enjoy it immensely. She reaches out and touches Blaine’s curls, eliciting a little whimper of pleasure from him at the touch, another whimper following it as Kurt takes hold of the toy and gives it a little nudge inside him. Rachel feels brave and filthy just from watching Blaine like this, and trails her fingers down to pick up a little bit of Finn’s come from his stomach, bringing her fingers to her own mouth and tasting them. Kurt gives a little grunt of approval and Finn perks up from his post-orgasm stupefaction considerably, reaching down to pull her closer and getting one hand between her legs. His fingers slide back inside her so easily, and Finn and Blaine both smile as she starts to use her leverage to glide up and down on top of him, wriggling her hips and ass to get Finn right where she needs him.

Kurt watches and tries to breathe evenly, one hand fucking Blaine with rhythmic little pushes against the base of the toy and one hand loosely sliding over his own dick, painfully hard for so long he can’t even think straight, impatiently waiting for Blaine to lick every last bit of come off of Finn because that’s just how Blaine is. His stomach finally clean to Blaine’s satisfaction, he rolls back towards Kurt, wiping his face with his hand and meeting Kurt’s eyes with a look of desperation. Kurt gives his own cock one more squeeze and swallows hard, flipping Blaine the rest of the way onto his back and dropping between his knees.

“Gonna make you come first, ok?”

“Yes, please, oh god Kurt, please let me come,” Blaine rasps out, his eyes rolling back in his head as Kurt sucks his cock down, finally, fucking him hard with the toy at the same time and Blaine is fucking gone. Rachel watches with her mouth open, fucking herself on one of Finn’s big hands while his other one covers her breast, pinching and thumbing her nipple hard but she can’t even really gasp because she can’t catch her breath to, the sight of Kurt’s mouth and cheeks taking Blaine’s dick in and the toy pulling out to the tip and then burrowing all the way back in and Blaine’s head thrown back on the pillow...it’s too many things and she seriously might come before Blaine does.

Her head drops back and Finn can feel her rhythm change, the depth of her sinking down on him getting less controlled and she’s moaning and Blaine is babbling crazy nonsense while Kurt fucks him with that thing and suddenly Blaine’s voice kind of shatters in the back of his throat somewhere, startling Rachel with its urgency and she sort of has to watch, the way his face freezes and then goes slack, the way Kurt is swallowing hard around him as he kind of convulses, so frenetic just before and now so gentle.

Finn is watching too, watches as Kurt slips the toy out of Blaine while he’s still coming down and no one moves for another long moment. Kurt is careful with Blaine through his orgasm, kissing his softening cock, up his chest and neck, finally kissing his lips over and over and mumbling sweetly to him for a few precious seconds.

Rachel leans forward and kisses Finn, his fingers still gently working inside her and he wraps his other hand in her hair and drags his lips across her mouth, “Wanna make you come so bad, Rachel. Want to do everything...everything you want.”

She nods and shivers and lets him roll her off his lap and onto her back, pressed alongside Blaine now where Kurt is holding him down by his wrists, kissing him until Blaine’s ready, and Kurt lifts up and smiles at Rachel, leans down to kiss her again before nudging Blaine back over onto his stomach.

“Having fun?” Kurt grins at her, close and intimate and she laughs again and throws her arm over her eyes, goosebumps all over as Finn’s lips and hands trail all the way down her body. Blaine rolls over and gives her a weak little smile as Kurt is making his way down his body, too, and she reaches over to touch his lips gently with her fingers, push his hair out of his eyes.

“Welcome back,” she says with a soft laugh, and he sighs and makes his way forward enough to kiss her again, tired and pliant and glad he already came as he hears Kurt opening the condom behind him.

Rachel shudders and cries out, shocked, “Oh, fuck, Finn,” as he clamps his lips softly to her clit for the first time, grabbing at his head with one hand as Blaine grasps the other, letting her squeeze him tight and he’s pretty sure he’s never even heard her swear before. He squeezes her hand too and breathes out, slow and even as he can, as he feels Kurt at his back, pushing into him, finally, finally getting inside Blaine and they both sigh as Kurt fits into place, pulling back a little and adjusting Blaine’s hips, lifting him where he wants him and leaning down to kiss and bite at his neck.

“Rachel...Rachel do you want Blaine’s fingers..” Kurt kind of seethes out, his teeth on edge with the rhythm he’s fucking into Blaine and Blaine groans at even the thought of it and he doesn’t know why Kurt’s being so good to him but fuck, he will definitely take it. Rachel nods frantically and didn’t even know that she wanted that until this very moment, but Finn’s completely absorbed in her, holding her open with both hands and moaning as he licks her clit back and forth, trying not to mess up his own rhythm as he kind of nods too and shifts towards Blaine, her ass in his hands and his thumbs opening her up, tilting her so Blaine can get to her, if he wants.

Blaine definitely wants, at least to try it, and pushes up on his elbows enough, shoving back against Kurt so Kurt can pull his body closer and not lose his angle and his depth, still fucking Blaine steady and deep as Blaine balances himself out and reaches to slide three fingers inside her. Finn’s tongue catches his knuckles on his way down and then he’s in her and whoa that is completely and entirely different from a guy and that must feel awesome on your dick, Blaine thinks kind of hazily. She’s silky and slick and squeezes him like a glove when he pushes into her, Finn still sucking and flicking at her clit and now, yes, this is how she’s going to come, Rachel realizes. The realization rushes over her ahead of the sensation, bearing down against Blaine’s hand - which is amazing by the way - and of course he knows how to fuck because he knows how to get fucked.

Kurt is watching them all and seemingly reading Rachel’s mind because he speeds up now, thrusting into Blaine with sharper, more staccato beats to his motion and licking his lips as he watches Blaine’s hand move back and forth into her, and he knows what that feels like too and later he’s just going to have Blaine finger him for hours because he’s so, so jealous but also so turned on. He gives Rachel a wicked little grin and gives Blaine’s ass a good hard slap and one simple command, “Talk, Blaine. Talk now.”

And that’s pretty much the beginning of the end, when Blaine lets go of his brain and his body and just lets Kurt fuck the words out of him, his hand thrusting into Rachel every time Kurt thrusts into him and he is just so filthy, Finn actually whining against her clit when Blaine tells him he wants to taste Rachel on his mouth when he’s done with her.

Finn winds his tongue around her and turns his mouth to the side, working at her from a just slightly different angle and she starts to shake and kind of quiver, starting from her soft lips around his mouth and Blaine’s fingers and shimmering all the way up her, her jaw is trembling and she can barely even get out words but she’s trying, yes, yes, yes, please don’t stop, louder and louder and she has never felt anything like this in her life, all those stupid songs about sparks and explosions and shit finally making sense and she squeaks out a yelp, an unknown note at the highest part of her range and Blaine curls his fingers inside her and breathes out with her as she comes apart, “good girl Rachel, oh fuck yeah come all over my hand, yes, so good,” and she’s literally just screaming through it and Finn pulls back to let her spasm under him and hopes he isn’t hurting her, Kurt stopping for just the briefest moment to watch her and just...“whoa...”

Blaine has to shove back against him because he better not fucking stop now. Kurt snaps out of it and falls right back into his rhythm and knows it won’t take much now. Rachel is grinning and giggling as she comes down from her orgasm, rolling towards Blaine as his hand slips free from her, looking between him and Finn kind of adoringly. Finn settles in next to her, kissing along her sides and back, stroking his fingers softly up and down her body.

Blaine is gritting his teeth and encouraging Kurt all he can but he’s definitely feeling it all now and, well, he can’t say Kurt didn’t warn him. Kurt goes a little faster and he’s finally building to something, Blaine can tell by the way he starts to breathe hard and mutter out little nonsense sounds every few thrusts.

Blaine gasps for air and Finn leans in, drags his finger and thumb just across the corner of Blaine’s mouth, Blaine chasing the sensation but Finn wraps his hand behind Blaine’s head and reels him in.

“You said you wanted to taste,” just a breath across Blaine’s lips and Finn kisses him, good and deep and Kurt can see and fuck, that will always do it for him. Finn slips his tongue in his mouth and Blaine takes it, then growls out in relief as Kurt goes still, squeezing his ass and pressing Blaine’s strong muscles around his cock one last time and then he’s coming, nothing left in him but hitches in his breath as he pulses his orgasm deep inside Blaine, Finn giving Blaine a little clap on the back of the head like he just scored a goal or something, and it’s so awkward it’s kind of adorable. Blaine lets him go with a quick kiss to the lips and a sigh, falling back to the mattress and closing his eyes. Done.

Kurt pulls out of him carefully and holds the condom on until he can reach the pink frilly box of tissues next to Rachel’s bed and wrap it up, flopping down the wrong way on the bed in exhaustion. He reaches for Blaine automatically anyway, even if it’s just to touch his ankle, he knows he can’t not have a point of contact with him. Blaine sighs happily, Kurt touching him, slow and sated, Rachel and Finn each with an arm draped across him.


“Hey...Kurt...you guys,” Rachel rasps as soon as she can speak out loud. “Go sleep in my dads’ room. Kurt...” She nudges him in the ribs and Blaine half wakes up, turning toward her and trying to cuddle her and mumbling about pancakes. “Blaine...wake him up. You guys can go sleep in my dads’ room. Go on, it’s really nice. Kurt, you can use their face stuff.” Kurt finally cracks one eye open and throws a leg over the edge of her bed, grabbing Blaine by the arm and pulling him up.

They shuffle along, Blaine still humming pannnnnnncaaaakes as Kurt bends down, presses a kiss to Finn’s shoulder, then cheek, and kisses Rachel’s lips one more time. “Face stuff only, no kimono, Kurt. I mean it. You know I’ll know.” She kisses his cheek quickly and nestles back down under Finn’s arms as Kurt and Blaine fumble their way down the hall and fall into her dads’ - ok this bed is huge, why didn’t we do this in here - Kurt thinks with an eye-roll as they snuggle down under the big Japanese silk duvet.

“So how’s your bisexual crisis going so far?” Kurt has to tease him. It’s like, required. Blaine rolls to face him and nuzzles in his chest.

“It’s...going ok. Pretty well, I guess. I think I just like sex and I like to try things...I don’t know if I want to join their club or anything.”

“I think you already did, like, half the initiation...maybe you can get a waiver or something,” Kurt giggles into his hair and Blaine shoves him, shakes his head “no” then settles against him, looking up innocently and waiting for a kiss.

Kurt’s lips close softly over his, and he’s so tired his bones ache. Fooling around with Rachel felt fun and naughty, but kissing Kurt feels like food, air, sleep, love...like every day, if he’s lucky enough. And right now Blaine feels pretty damn lucky.

Date: 2011-02-22 08:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nickershnick25.livejournal.com
OMCheesus! That was beyond HOT! Like really!

Date: 2011-02-23 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] drinkingstars.livejournal.com
YAY so glad you liked!


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